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86th Annual General Meeting Proceedings Voting & Results
86th AGM Notice Advertisement
86th AGM Admission slip
Transfer of Equity Shares to IEPF-Advertisement
Transfer of Equity Shares to Investor Education & Protection Fund
85th AGM Notice Advertisement
85th AGM Notice
85th AGM Attendance Slip
Composition of Committees of Board of Directors
Policy for Determination of Materiality
84th AGM E-voting Results & Scrutinizer Report
84th AGM Notice
84th AGM E-Voting Notice Publication
84th AGM Attendance Slip
Terms & Conditions of Appointment of Independent Directors
Familiarisation Programme for Independent Directors
Policy on Related Party Transactions
83rd AGM E-Voting Results & Scrutinizer Report
83rd AGM Notice & E-Voting details
Financial Results
Annual Reports
Shareholding Pattern
Other Information
Code of Conduct & Ethics Policy
Corporate Governance
Investor Contact
NECS Mandate Form
Nomination Form
Postal Ballot Result
Unclaimed Dividend
Dividend Distribution Policy
Whistle Blower Policy
Corporate Social Responsibility Policy
Postal Ballot Notice & Form
Postal Ballot Results for alteration of Article 93 of Articles of Association
Archival Policy
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